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If you stay at the Holiday Inn, you’re walking downtown. If you’re staying over by the mall you’re exploring Sioux Falls, you can’t help but explore Sioux Falls. There’s art and wonderful restaurants.

There’s so many different things to do in Sioux Falls, whether its art whether its culture- it’s out there you just have to go grab it. For those wanting to get out and for an adventure, Barenaked Ladies wrote a song about our bike trail. They rode it three times in two days, you can jump on a trail and ride 20 miles and not have to worry about traffic. You can bike or you can drive five-ten minutes and you can be somewhere where you can’t see any houses or any buildings or any businesses.

We’ve got Good Earth, we’ve got Newton Hills, we’ve got Sioux River Rec Area. Great Bear is probably one of my favorites! At one point you can actually see the city, a really great view of the city. But at another point you’re out there, and you’re hiking through the trees and there’s no one around you and you can hear the wildlife, you can see the colors.

If you want to be a little adventurous and kind of tickle your pallet and explore, downtown is perfect for that. Phillips Avenue is phenomenal, everyone knows Phillips Ave and the wonderful restaurants and all the wonderful little boutiques- but to turn right on 8th and just walk, especially in the summertime.

To go on a Friday and Saturday night and have dinner at Sanaa's and just explore the different shops and galleries.

Sioux Falls is the Midwest’s best kept secret. Just get out and about and there really is something for everybody.

There’s always something new to explore in Sioux Falls. Come to Sioux Falls, bring your bike and discover everything that Sioux Falls has to offer.