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We have such an incredible chef’s movement here right now, its nuts! There's not one or two good restaurants, theres twenty-five!

Bob’s Café, Bagel Boy, CH Patisserie, The Original Pancake House, Sanaa's, oh my goodness! Breadico Bread, Lalibela, Pho Quynh, Nikkis, Minervas, Coffea, Crawfords, Parker's, B&G Milkyway

Black Sheep Coffee, Pappy's, Queen City Bakery, Prairie Berry East Bank, The Market, Bros.

You should not go to Coffea, so they have all of it for me! The Diner downtown has deepfried macaroni and cheese balls, they are the best thing ever! At Mama’s Ladas, you’re going to go in there and you’re going to have great enchiladas and they have great root beer in their cooler. Sushi Masa is probably one of the best sushi restaurants in the entire country.

My favorite thing on MB Haskett's menu is probably the crepes, with local organic eggs, brioche cheese, spinach or arugula, fresh ham.The up and coming restaurants in Sioux Falls I think Bros Brasserie, the chefs at Parkers, putting a lot of effort into just a couple of dishes.

Sanaa's is right down the boardwalk and her beef kibbie is fantastic. We can go across the street to Queen City Bakery. She’ll melt your eyebrows off with the brioche. You’ll probably need something to drink so you should probably go to Monks. I think the last count was 473 different available beers of every kind you can imagine.

You definitely need to stop by CH Patisserie, you’re going to find desserts that you would find in Manhattan. The colors of the macaroons are amazing.

Visit Sioux Falls, come for the food.

Come for the food, stay for the culture.