Fun For The Family

Looking for a family-friendly getaway that won’t break the bank? Sioux Falls is not only more affordable to visit than many other cities, but there’s something to do for every age group. Get travel tips and ideas from those who have come and seen before you! 

6 Reasons Families Flock to Sioux Falls in the Winter

Winter in South Dakota isn’t for everyone. But for families made of stronger stuff, it’s the perfect place to truly enjoy the months before the groundhog sees its shadow. So don’t let the snowfall scare you away—instead, revel in the wonder and delight it brings, from rosy cheeks to hot cocoa.

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Winter Family Fun in Sioux Falls

It’s no secret, South Dakota closely resembles a snow globe come this time of year. But that doesn’t mean your family needs to go crazy with cabin fever for months on end, because Sioux Falls has an abundance of wintry fun for the entire family! So sharpen your ice skates and enjoy a cheery winter season at our favorite spots for family fun in the snow.

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Des Moines to Sioux Falls - 6 Things to Do for Families

During their time in Sioux Falls, Bryan's family explored some of the top places to see, and also a few hidden gems as well.

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Sioux Falls: A “Who-Knew?!” Great Family Get-Away (Part One)

Why would you go to Sioux Falls, South Dakota in January?! There are SO many reasons! We were truly surprised!

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