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Sioux Falls is a great community.

It’s an on-the-way place that people actually fall in love with.

I love this place. I absolutely love Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls is surprising, family fun, welcoming, beautiful, serene. It's really genuine, microcosm, approachable, balanced, chill, the pink city, real, vibrant, endless, pure energy and entertainment, art, community, food, one-of-a-kind. Wine, fresh, undiscovered. That's the word!

Downtown Sioux Falls is on fire. Every week you read that there’s something new popping up and something that hasn’t been there before.

One of the best, small locations is Mama’s Ladas. You’re going to have great enchiladas. And the chips are great, and the salsa’s amazing, and they have great root beer in their cooler.

If I’m with my friends and family on the weekend, we’re going to usually end up here at Prairie Berry Eastbank. Enjoy a mashed potato and bacon pizza which is amazing. If it’s more of a night out, more of kind of a dinner experience, Parker’s is amazing.  Everything that you want kind of a local restaurant to be and also really amazing food. And then walking down Phillips Avenue you have CH Patisserie which is a Food Network star.

The most important, cultural development in Sioux Falls in the last ten years has been Dan Nissen at Total Drag. They do vinyl. They do live shows.  They have their own label. I am probably kind of old and not that cool to go there, but they’re my friends so I get to.

You can hear music at a number of different places. There’s art galleries. There’s the Pavilion. Or maybe it’s something as simple as drinking coffee and looking up and seeing someone’s art work on display. We have the sculpture walk which is up year round which is beautiful. Each one is so different, and I love that people are bringing their families.

Sioux Falls has got a lot of things going on. The Premier Center where we can get the Springsteen’s, and the Stones, and The Who. The District. You know it’s a 1,500 seat venue that offers a huge, wide variety of music.

The Broadway performances that come here are just some of the most phenomenal things to come and see. Brings me back to New York.  Our visual arts center has exhibitions that are national level tours. We’ve had Oscar Howe, Andy Warhol. We’ve had Rodin. No town this size brings Rodin to their cultural center.  It doesn’t happen. Grab a bite. Go to Monks. Go catch a show. That’s what I would do!

Like if I’m shopping, I love going to Zandbroz, and I love going to Urban Archeology because you never know what you’re going to find in either location. You don’t know what Zandbroz is until you go inside. There’s some really cool stuff. There’s some local art, some local authors.

The last couple of years has seen an explosion of maker’s good. Us, obviously as one, but there’s also Unglued, there’s Urban Archeology which is kind of the funky, american pickers.  It’s a fascinating place.

We love going to the Sioux Falls Skyforce games. The environment that you get to watch these games in is the Sanford Pentagon. There’s not a bad seat in there. We just went to a Stampede game. We sat in a suite and just had a blast. In the summer, we often go to the Canaries game where the kids can just enjoy the game. It’s really affordable.

In Sioux Falls, they have one of the best park systems I think in the Midwest. We have tons of different opportunities for each family. Here at the Outdoor Campus, we offer hundreds of free classes.  And then in the wintertime, we start doing ice fishing, cross country skiing and some snow shoeing. We love to do the butterfly house. Walking in and being able to touch the stings rays, the star fish, just watching the butterflies fly around and trying to see if they’ll land on you. That is a big hit for little kids.

I think the best kept secret of Sioux Falls is the bike trails its twenty-two miles of uninterrupted biking. We have a bike trail that completely encompasses the city. It does a full circle. You can jump on a trail and you can ride twenty miles and not have to worry about traffic.

We have Great Bear around which you can go skiing. You can actually see the city, a really great view of the city.

And to have the variety of restaurants, and entertainment, and music, and retailers that we have in the city. That’s why Sioux Falls is great! Sioux Falls is located right on I-90 and 29 which is basically the heart of America. It’s a good place to be. There’s so many things to see and do for people of all ages and of all interests. No matter who comes here, you’re going to feel at home, you’re going to feel welcome.

And you should come here. We have everything you’re looking for and we have everything to offer.

Ten years ago we were a place to travel through. Now we’ve become a place to travel to. We’re the end destination.

Come to Sioux Falls. There’s going to be something for you to do, and we want to have you here.

You need to visit Sioux Falls! It’s a great place to be.