Customized Itineraries for Your Group

There's so much to do in Sioux Falls that we want to make sure you find the perfect set of activities for your group's interests.

So we've put together some sample itineraries for a variety of Sioux Falls adventures. Looking for more? Check out our Planners Guide or contact us and let us know what we can do to help.

In the City Itinerary

Plan your tour to include one of our spectacular events! Visit for more detailed event information. The following is a sample of one of many day trips available in Sioux Falls.

4500 S. Oxbox Ave.  605.362.2729

The Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls is a portal to a lifetime of outdoor adventures. Groups can try out activities such as hunting and fishing, cross-country skiing, shooting a bow and arrow, cooking wild game in a Dutch oven, gardening for butterflies, and much more. 
The Outdoor campus offers two miles of walking trails, South Dakota Outdoor Museum, 3,000 gallon acquarium, bird watching, and a butterfly garden.

4320 S. Oxbow Ave.  605.334.9466

The Butterfly House is home to over 800 butterflies from around the world. Chrysalises travel to Sioux Falls where they hatch into beautiful butterflies, housed with tropical flowers in a pleasant 80 degrees climate. The building also houses an aquarium, an extensive collection of fresh-water and salt-water sea animals. The cove includes two touch pools and interactive exhibits to learn about many of the fish and coral living in over 5,000 gallons of water.

900 N. Phillips Ave.  605.367.7430

Named for the Sioux Tribe of American Indians and the waterfalls of the Big Sioux River. Scenic Falls Park encompasses 123 acres and is located in historic downtown. A triple-waterfall spills an average of 7,400 gallons of water over a 100 foot drop each second. Falls Park is home to a visitor information center, five-story viewing tower, gift shop, and historic ruins. Falls Overlook Cafe, a renovated hydroelectric building offers great lunch options for groups.

521 N. Duluth Ave.  605.336.7390

The Cathedal of Saint Joseph stands tall above the Sioux Falls skyline. This Romanesque and French Renaissance structure was built from 1915-1918 and dedicated in May 1919. The present day Cathedral sits on the original building site of the first Catholic church in Sioux Falls, St. Michael's Catholic Church. A multi-million dollar, three year renovation, was completed in July 2012 and transformed the Cathedral back to its orginial grandeur and charm.

131 N. Duluth Ave.  605.367.7097

Tour an 1889 Queen Ann-style home of South Dakota's first senator R.F. Pettigrew. Take a guided tour of the Pettigrew Home and Museum and browse the museum galleries to discover Sioux Falls' early years through artifacts, photographs, videos and more! The Pettigrew Home features detailed woodwork, gorgeous silk damask wall coverings and beautiful jeweled windows.

301 S. Main Ave.  605.367.6000
Head to the Washington Pavilion. This former high school is constructed of pink quartzite rock. Housing cultural, educational & entertainment centers showcasing four areas including the Wells Fargo CineDome Theater, six galleries in the Visual Arts Center. The Washington Pavilion offers local, regional and national performances, art exhibits and is home to Stan the T. Rex.

Downtown Sioux Falls and

Dine at one of the local downtown restaurants. Along the way, stroll historic Philips Avenue and enjoy the charm of locally owned unique shops and SculptureWalk. SculptureWalk is a rotating exhibit of more than sixty sculptures from artists around the world. Every May, the winning "People's Choice" sculpture is bought for permanent display and new sculptures are introduced for the next year. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Local Adventure Options

5901 E. Rice St.  605.367.4309
Great Bear Recreation Park covers 220 acres and features three distinct trails. Totaling four miles, the paths range from a paved, ADA accessible, trail to the more demanding deer trails. During winter months, clip into a set of skiis or a snowboard and choose any of the 14 downhill trails. The area is popular for its snow tubing hill and cross country ski trails.

26767 466th Ave.  605.361.4303
Clay Bird Shotgun Sports - where the shooters shoot! This clay target shooting range features trap, skeet and sporting clays - all conveniently in one location. The facility also features a complete shooting facility for novice, intermediate and expert levels. Open seasonally, call ahead for group reservations.

Big Sioux River and Greenway
The Big Sioux River is one of the most popular canoeing/kayaking rivers in South Dakota. It is a river with a slow current that meanders past rocks more than a billion years old, as well as early American Indian encampments, sites of old mills, rolling hills and excellent parks. Whitetail deer, turtles, waterfowl and numerous songbirds can be seen when paddling down the river. For rental information contact the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau.

25495 485th Ave.  605.594.3824
Palisades State Park is one fo the most unique areas in South Dakota. Split Rock Creek is lined with pink quartzite rock with 50 foot vertical cliffs, wildlife and flowers. Scenic overlooks and rushing water make Palisades a popular getaway. The park is popular among campers, sightseers, picnickers, rock climbers and hikers.
A popular legend tells of Jesse James' daring escape just north of the Palisades area. After robbing a bank in Northfield, Minnesota, the James boys spend several days in a cave on Split Rock Creek. When Jesse finally abandoned the hiding place, he was surprised to find a posse close behind. Reaching Devil's Gulch, legend has it that he leaped across the sheer walls to elude the lawmen. A small foot-bridge now spans the gap, which is found two miles north of Palisades in Garretson City Park.

Native American Discovery Itinerary

48072 270 St.  605.976.2263

South Dakota's newest state park, Good Earth at Blood Run is a National Historic Landmark. The river, abundant wildlife and wood for fuel, fertile flood plains, availability of catlinite (Pipestone) and protection from winds made the area a crossroads of Native American civilization from 1300-1700 AD. Occupants were primarily Oneota Indigenous Peoples, including Omaha, Ioway, Oto and Yankton Sioux Tribes. No other Oneota site of size and integrity is known to exist in America!

900 N. Phillips Ave.  605.367.7430

Named for the Sioux Tribe of American Indians and the waterfalls of the Big Sioux River. Scenic Falls Park encompasses 123 acres and is located in historic downtown. A triple-waterfall spills an average of 7,400 gallons of water over a 100 foot drop each second. Falls Park is home to a visitor information center, five-story viewing tower, gift shop, and historic ruins. Falls Overlook Cafe, a renovated hydroelectric building offers great tour centered lunch options.

200 W. 6th St.  605.367.4210

Explore Midwestern history at the Old Courthouse Museum. Completed in 1893, this Richardsonian Romanesque building includes a landmark clock tower, circuit courtroom and 16 wall murals painting from 1915-1917. This beautifully restored Quartzite building features three floors of regional history exhibits including several exhibits dedicated to the American Indians of the area.

2121 S. Summit Ave.  605.274.4007

The Center for Western Studies serves as a repository for over 500 substantive collections and maintains a library in excess of 36,000 volumes on the American West. In addition, the Center holds an extensive art and artifact collection with permanent exhibits for Indian artifacts, Jim Savage Western Art Studio and a replica Norwegian living room. The Center rotates out several exhibits every year.

Wine, Brew & Local Food

Sioux Falls has an extensive foodie culture with emphasis on locally grown products right here in the Midwest.

47215 257th St.  605.543.5071
Imagine a winery made of straw bales. Experience wine tasting in the unique structure or enjoy a glass in a rural setting. Strawbale Winery hosts wine tastings with more than two dozen grape and fruit wines available. The Winery holds musical events such as Sangria Sundays, Summer Porch Series, and Folk Off, a Folk Festival. Enjoy a relaxing rural setting only minutes from the heart of the Sioux Falls.

322 E. 8th St.  605.496.7175
At Prairie Berry East Bank guests are able to sip, savor and enjoy all the flavors of Prairie Berry, a winery located in Hill City, South Dakota. Miner Brewing Co., sister company to the winery also is on tap in this historic building. The Prairie Berry Kitchen Menu features gluten-free options, locally sourced micro-greens and vegetables and wide variety of menu options that pair perfectly with our fermented beverages.

1400 E. Robur Dr.  605.7893822
Sit back and relax in the taproom at Fernson Brewing as you enjoy music, games, and of course their delicious beer! If you're looking for a meal with your beverage, Fernson invites you to bring any food of your choice to enjoy right there in their taproom. They have six core beers that are always on tap, as well as a few other rotating beers in their taproom. If you're lucky you may even get a tour of the brewery!

2425 S Shirley Ave #112  605.275.5544
If you're looking for a casual atmosphere where you can enjoy both beer and food, then Hydra Beer Company is the perfect place for you. Their taproom has 24 tap lines that features their own beers, custom sodas and cold brewed coffee, as well as guest taps, bottles, and cans. Hydra offers complimentary popcorn and pretzels for snacks, as well as offering the ability to order food from nearby restaurants who will deliver it right to the door.

101 S. Phillips Ave. #100  605.310.5316
Located in the heart of downtown Sioux Falls sits WoodGrain Brewing, a microbrewery that is constantly expiramenting with their beers to create something unique to the palate. They have even partnered with a local coffee shop using their ingredients to brew a coffee flavored beer. In their taproom you will also find a good selection of regional beers as well as a rotating lineup of their own.

420 E. 8th St.  605.338.2328
Home of Gandy Dancer Brew Works. Inspired by home brewed craft beers, the brew master teams up with local guest-brewers to create an unforgettable experience. Monks House of Ale Repute has become famous for its wide selection of beer, unique food options and its relaxing ambiance. Over 100 beer and wine options, rotating on a regular basis.

Food for any taste bud... - Foodie Itinerary
Sioux Falls offers 650 restaurants throughout the city. Home to a diverse population, Sioux Falls restaurants include Mediterranean, Ethiopian, authentic Mexican, Vietnamese, Brazilian, Chinese and so much more while still offering many local Midwestern and American options. Looking for something no one else has? The Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau can recommend restaurants featuring chislic, bison burgersm walleye bites and several other featured Midwestern favorites. For a fun foodie itinerary click here.