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Great Plains Zoo
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Dino-Roars! Returns to the Zoo
Back by popular demand, “Dino-Roars!” is returning to the Delbridge Museum of Natural History at the Great Plains Zoo! See our Great Room transformed into a prehistoric jungle where 19 life-like dinosaurs will come to life to “roar” and swish their tails!

Fun, hands-on learning opportunities will entertain your entire family, while connecting them to real-life animals that they see at the Zoo. Learn about predator-prey relationships, compare similarities between dinosaurs and modern-day animals, and more! You can also interact with dinosaurs in an augmented virtual reality experience!

Exhibit Dates: January 12 – April 15
Location: Great Room in the Delbridge Museum of Natural History
Cost: Admission to “Dino-Roars!” is $3 per person for adults and children, plus the cost of Zoo admission. Zoo members have the option to purchase a “Dino-Roars!” membership for $28 for unlimited access to the exhibit. Contact our admissions office at 605-367-7003 for details.

Great Plains Zoo

805 S Kiwanis Ave